Joe Biden

Hunter Biden indicted on nine tax charges in special counsel probe

The charges come after the implosion of a plea deal over the summer that would have spared him jail time, putting the case on track to a possible trial as his father campaigns for reelection.

Trump’s vow to only be a dictator on ‘day one’ follows growing worry over his authoritarian rhetoric

Donald Trump’s assertion that he would only be a dictator on “day one” of a second term comes as he is facing growing scrutiny over his increasingly authoritarian and violent rhetoric.

US touts new era of collaboration with Native American tribes to manage public lands and water

Top U.S. officials say they are entering a new era of collaboration with Native American and Alaska Native leaders in managing public lands, water and other resources.

The White House is threatening the patents of high-priced drugs developed with taxpayer dollars

The Biden administration is putting pharmaceutical companies on notice. Washington is warning them that if the price of certain drugs is too high, the government might cancel their patent protection and allow rivals to make their own versions.

Democratic support for Biden ticks up on handling of Israel-Hamas war, 鶹ýapp-NORC poll says

President Joe Biden is getting slightly more support among Democrats for his handling of the decades-old conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

House backs GOP bill to block EPA rule on tailpipe pollution; slams plan as electric-vehicle mandate

House Republicans have approved a bill to block strict new tailpipe pollution limits proposed by the Biden administration, calling the plan a back-door mandate for electric vehicles.

White House delays menthol cigarette ban, alarming anti-smoking advocates

The White House is pushing back a plan to ban menthol cigarettes, an unexpected delay that quickly sparked criticism from anti-smoking groups.

Biden’s campaign will not commit yet to participating in general election debates in 2024

President Joe Biden’s campaign is not yet committing to general election debates next year. The comment on Wednesday by one of his top campaign leaders was the latest sign that a staple of modern White House campaigns may not be in play in 2024.

Republicans threaten contempt proceedings if Hunter Biden refuses to appear for deposition

House Republicans are warning Hunter Biden that they will move to hold him in contempt of Congress if he doesn’t appear this month for a closed-door deposition, raising the stakes in the growing standoff over testimony from President Joe Biden’s son.

As Ukraine aid falters in the Senate, Biden signals he’s willing to make a deal on border security

As Senate Republicans blocked the advance of tens of billions of dollars in military and economic assistance for Ukraine, President Joe Biden berated their tactics as “stunning” and dangerous.

Fake Donald Trump electors settle civil lawsuit in Wisconsin, agree that President Biden won

Ten Republicans who posed as fake electors for former President Donald Trump in Wisconsin and filed paperwork falsely saying he had won the battleground state have settled a civil lawsuit and admitted their actions were part of an effort to overturn President Joe Biden’s victory.

At tribal summit, Biden says he’s working to ‘heal the wrongs of the past’ and ‘move forward’

President Joe Biden told Native American nations gathered for a summit Wednesday that his administration was working to heal the wrongs of the past.

Trump declines to rule out abusing power to seek retribution if he returns to the White House

Former President Donald Trump declined to rule out abusing power if he returns to the White House after Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity asked him to respond to growing Democratic criticism of his rhetoric.

Biden administration pledges $6 billion to a pair of high-speed electric rail routes in the US West

The Biden administration said it will give more than $6 billion to a pair of high-speed electric rail routes in the West.

Biden calls reports of Hamas raping Israeli hostages ‘appalling,’ says world can’t look away

President Joe Biden is calling reports of sexual violence by Hamas militants against Israelis “appalling.”

Senate approves hundreds of military promotions after Sen. Tuberville ends blockade of nominees

The Senate in a single stroke has approved about 425 military promotions after Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama ended a monthslong blockade of nominations over a Pentagon abortion policy.

House Speaker Johnson is insisting on sweeping border security changes in a deal for Ukraine aid

House Speaker Mike Johnson tells fellow Republicans that sweeping changes to U.S. border policy will be their “hill to die on” in negotiations over President Joe Biden’s nearly $106 billion package for the wars in Ukraine and Israel and other security needs.

Air Force identifies the 8 US crew lost in Osprey crash in Japan and recovers 6 bodies

Air Force Special Operations Command has recovered the remains of six of the eight service members who were lost when their Osprey aircraft crashed off the coast of Japan last week.

The House will vote next week on formalizing its Biden impeachment inquiry, Speaker Johnson says

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson says the chamber will vote next week on authorizing its impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Biden tells donors: ‘If Trump wasn’t running I’m not sure I’d be running. We cannot let him win’

The president was using a trio of fundraisers to caution against what might happen should his predecessor again claim control of the White House.

Alaska Airlines is buying Hawaiian Airlines. Will the Biden administration let the merger fly?

Alaska Airlines saying it will buy Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion is raising questions about how antitrust regulators will view the deal, and whether past airline mergers have hurt consumers.

Janet Yellen is heading to Mexico after Treasury launches a new fentanyl trafficking strike force

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is heading to Mexico this week, a trip announced shortly after her agency created a new strike force to help combat illicit fentanyl trafficking.

The US is out of money for Ukraine, which could hinder the fight against Russia, White House warns

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will address U.S. senators by video during a classified meeting Tuesday.

Biden’s allies in Senate demand that Israel limit civilian deaths in Gaza as Congress debates US aid

Sen. Bernie Sanders and a robust group of Democratic senators say they’re done “asking nicely” for Israel to do more to reduce civilian casualties in its war against Hamas in Gaza.

Trump calls Biden the ‘destroyer’ of democracy despite his own efforts to overturn 2020 election

Former President Donald Trump is trying to turn the tables on President Joe Biden by arguing the Democratic incumbent is the actual threat to democracy.

Group of swing state Muslims vows to ditch Biden in 2024 over his war stance

Muslim community leaders from several swing states are pledging to withdraw support for U.S. President Joe Biden, citing his refusal to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Court pauses federal policy allowing abortion clinic operators to get grants -- but only in Ohio

An appeals court has paused enforcement of a federal government regulation that allows abortion providers to receive family planning grants — but only in Ohio.

House Republicans reiterate their demand for Hunter Biden to appear for a private deposition

House Republicans are demanding that Hunter Biden appear this month for a closed-door deposition, rejecting his offer to testify publicly while pledging to release a transcript of the private interview for transparency.

Nickel ore processing plant that will supply Tesla strikes deal to spend $115M in federal funds

Developers of a proposed nickel ore processing plant in North Dakota that would supply electric automaker Tesla have reached a deal with the U.S.

Biden is heading to Hollywood for a major fundraiser featuring Steven Spielberg and Shonda Rhimes

President Joe Biden will head to Los Angeles next week for a big-dollar event that will be his first since strikes by writers and actors effectively ground his fundraising to a halt in the heart of the entertainment industry.