The IOC confirms Russian athletes can compete at Paris Olympics with approved neutral status

The International Olympic Committee says some Russian athletes will be allowed to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Macron visits Notre Dame, marking 1-year countdown to reopening after the 2019 fire

French President Emmanuel Macron has visited the Notre Dame Cathedral to mark the one-year countdown to its reopening.

French police address fear factor ahead of the Olympic Games after a deadly attack near Eiffel Tower

The bar was already high, but the security challenge ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games only grew with a knife attack last weekend that killed a tourist near the Eiffel Tower.

Pope Francis makes his first public appearances since being stricken by bronchitis

Pope Francis has made his first public appearance outdoors since being stricken by bronchitis two weeks ago, which forced him to cancel a planned trip to the COP-28 climate conference in Dubai.

The UK says it has paid Rwanda $300 million for a blocked asylum deal. No flights have taken off

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is under pressure to explain why Britain has paid Rwanda 240 million pounds ($300 million) as part of a blocked asylum plan.

Breast cancer survivors may not need so many mammograms after surgery, UK study suggests

A large British study finds that less frequent screening is just as good as annual mammograms for certain breast cancer survivors.

Danish EU commissioner pulls out of the race for the top job at the European Investment Bank

The European Union’s powerful antitrust chief has withdrawn as a candidate for the presidency of the European Investment Bank.

As ties warm, Turkey’s president says Greece may be able to benefit from a Turkish power plant

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his country is considering allowing neighboring Greece to benefit from a nuclear power plant that Turkey plans to build near the Black Sea coast.

Dutch police arrest a Syrian accused of sexual violence and other crimes in Syria’s civil war

A Syrian refugee has been arrested in the Netherlands on suspicion of crimes against humanity, including sexual violence, while he was allegedly head of an interrogation team in a militia aligned to the government of President Bashar Assad.

Judge rules against Prince Harry in early stage of libel case against Daily Mail publisher

Prince Harry lost a preliminary round in his libel case against against the publisher of the Daily Mail tabloid over an article that said he tried to hide his efforts to retain publicly funded protection in the U.K. after walking away from his role as a working member of the royal family.

APWeek in Pictures: Europe and Africa

Dec. 1–7, 2023

A military cadet applies lipstick before a National Day parade in Bucharest, Romania.

A ram travels in a rickshaw before a ram fighting competition in Lagos, Nigeria, and rainfall destroys a road in Gamba, Kenya.

Armenia and Azerbaijan announce deal to exchange POWs and work toward peace treaty

Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed to exchange prisoners of war and work toward signing a peace treaty in what the European Union is hailing as a major step toward peace in the long-troubled region.

Kremlin foe Navalny’s lawyers to remain in detention at least through mid-March, Russian court rules

A Moscow court has extended the pre-trial detention of three lawyers who once represented imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Allies of Russian opposition leader Navalny post billboards asking citizens to vote against Putin

Opposition activists in Russia came up with a way to get around Kremlin censorship while urging citizens to vote against President Vladimir Putin in an election next year: billboards disguised as a New Year’s greeting.

Germany’s chancellor lights first Hanukkah candle on a huge menorah at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has expressed his unwavering support for the Jewish people as he lit the first Hanukkah candle on a huge menorah in front of Berlin’s iconic Brandenburg Gate.

Denmark’s parliament adopts a law making it illegal to burn the Quran or other religious texts

A new law has been passed in Denmark’s parliament that makes it illegal to desecrate any holy text in the country.

Why the Albanian opposition is disrupting parliament with flares, makeshift barricades and fires

For months, Albanian opposition parties have used flares and noise to disrupt Parliament, in protest at what they describe as the authoritarian rule of the governing Socialist Party.

The UK government blames Russian intelligence for prolonged efforts to meddle in British politics

The U.K. government says that Russia’s intelligence services have targeted high-profile British politicians, civil servants and journalists with cyberespionage and “malicious cyberactivity” as part of sustained attempts to interfere in U.K. political processes.

Facing a Conservative revolt, UK leader Sunak says judges won’t stop him sending migrants to Rwanda

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he will “do what is necessary” to revive a blocked deal to send asylum-seekers to Rwanda, even if it means ignoring human rights laws.

Russian girl shoots several classmates, leaving 1 dead, before killing herself

State news agencies and authorities in Russia say a girl shot several classmates before killing herself at a school in the city of Bryansk.

Turkish and Greek leaders turn on the charm in Athens as they vow to leave years of animosity behind

Longtime regional rivals Greece and Turkey have made a significant step in mending ties during a visit to Athens by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Putin moves a step closer to a fifth term as president after Russia sets 2024 election date

Lawmaker’s in Russia have set March 17 as the date for the country’s 2024 presidential election. A scheduling decree unanimously approved by the upper house of the Russian parliament Thursday moves Vladimir Putin closer to a fifth term in office.

A milestone for Notre Dame: 1 year until cathedral reopens to public after devastating fire

When Notre Dame went up in flames in 2019, people who worked in the cathedral felt orphaned. With the reopening of the world-famous Paris landmark drawing closer by the day, they’re now beginning to picture their return to the place they call home.

Hopes for a Mercosur-EU trade deal fade yet again as leaders meet in Brazil

The heads of state from South America’s Mercosur trade bloc are in Rio de Janeiro for a meeting that is expected to disappoint members hoping to finalize a deal with the European Union.

A China, EU summit exposes divisions over Ukraine, trade and subsidies

The leaders of China and the European Union have held wide-ranging talks that included their disputes over trade and a deep divide over the war in Ukraine.

China’s exports in November edged higher for the first time in 7 months, while imports fell

Customs data show that China’s exports rose in November, indicating that demand may be picking up following months of decline.

UK authorities make arrest following investigation into the sale of unapproved jet engine parts

There’s been an arrest in the case of suspected unapproved aircraft parts, some of which have wound up on planes operated by leading airlines.

A former Ukrainian lawmaker who fled to Russia found shot dead outside of Moscow

A renegade Ukrainian lawmaker who fled to Russia shortly after Moscow’s invasion has been found dead near Moscow.

The UK plans to ignore part of its human rights law to revive a Rwanda asylum plan

The U.K. government has published legislation that will let it ignore a part of the country’s human rights laws in order to send asylum-seekers on a one-way trip to Rwanda.

Italian prosecutors say no evidence of Russian secret service role in escape of suspect sought by US

Milan prosecutors say there is no evidence of Russian secret services involvement in the escape from Italian custody of a Russian businessman wanted by the U.S. on sanctions-busting charges.

European Union calls for “the beginning of the end” of fossil fuels at COP28 climate talks

This year’s climate talks should “mark the beginning of the end” of fossil fuels the European Commissioner for Climate Action said on Wednesday as the United Nations summit wrapped up its first week.

The UK apologizes to families of 97 Liverpool soccer fans killed in a stadium crush 34 years ago

The British government has apologized to the families of 97 Liverpool soccer fans killed in a stadium crush 34 years ago.

Albania’s opposition speaks up at the Constitutional Court against ratifying migrant deal with Italy

The opposition in Albania has spoken up at the Constitutional Court against the ratification of a contentious deal the government has signed with Italy to jointly process some asylum applications of migrants arriving in Italy by sea.

A group of Norwegian unions says it will act against Tesla in solidarity with its Swedish colleagues

A conglomerate of unions in Norway says it will take action against Tesla in solidarity with its Swedish colleagues.

A new Dutch parliament has been sworn in after Wilders’ victory in the national election 2 weeks ago

A new lower house of the Dutch parliament has been sworn. That’s two weeks after the far-right party of lawmaker Geert Wilders won a general election in a seismic shift that reverberated through Europe.